The new park promotes a healthy lifestyle

This $132 million, 76 acre park extends from the Oklahoma River to downtown Oklahoma City. Part of MAPS3, Scissortail Park opened in 2019 with 40 acres opening in 2022 south of the Skydance Bridge. The bridge is a 380-foot-long pedestrian bridge with a 197-foot-tall sculpture of Inspired by Oklahoma’s state bird, the scissor-tailed flycatcher. A sensor illuminates the bridge from after dusk to dawn.
Promoting a more healthy lifestyle with boasting a number of recreation activities, walking and running trails, biking routes, youth sports fields, play areas, and interactive water features. Entertainment and eduction options include concerts, picnic sites, a lake, and public art shows.
As a one of the oldest janitorial service companies in Oklahoma City, we like to share information on our community such as this park. Our city is growing not just in buildings but also in public works.


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